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Studies have shown that the Corona Virus is not equally dangerous to everyone, older people and those with long-term illnesses and or respiratory ones are more at risk of a serious Corona infection. But what about people living with HIV?

People living with HIV and committed to their treatment with an undetectable viral load are equally at risk of Corona as the general public and so is the impact on their health. Still, we advise everyone to be careful and practice prevention by refraining from touching surfaces and shaking hands, washing hands well with soap and water, staying and home and following national transportation guidelines, try to avoid public transportation, and if so we advise using masks and gloves and avoid crowded spaces.

Corona Virus is considered dangerous for people living with HIV, if:
– They are over 60 years of age
– They have a detectable viral load
– Diabetics
– Smokers, as Corona virus is respiratory and smokers have less lung immunity
– Those with heart and or lung illnesses

If you are living with HIV and you think you are at risk, here is what we advise you:

– Stick to your doctor’s appointments and stay in touch with them to ensure preventative methods during visits or postponing if they are not necessary.
– Make sure you have enough of your treatment for at least a month, especially if national transportation limitations have been set.
– Don’t collect more than your need of treatment, this way we can make sure everyone gets their need.
– Continue to follow updates on the virus, but double check the sources. Do not stop or alter your medication without the doctor’s instructions.
– Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones through calling or the internet, this helps keep you supported.
– If you feel regularly anxious about the news, try to cut off watching the news, or set yourself a time for that.
– Maintain physical well being by practicing some home exercises.
– A good nutrition is important for your health, here are some foods which boost your immunity: Citrus fruits in general, red pepper, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almonds, sun flower seeds, green tea, poultry and shell sea food.


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