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In the past few months, AFE has been in discussions with its local, regional and international donors, partners and supporters to plan the transitory phase of the organization’s lifecycle with full transparency and accountability. The exchange has facilitated the design of the process for the new board elections and the phase to follow.

The period to come will be focused on introspection and revision of internal mechanisms and governance structure and an opportunity to adopt reformatory actions that will further enhance the organization’s development.

While we continue to implement our programs without any interruption, AFE will move forward with the recruitment of the new board adopting a participatory approach.

  1. Ensuring full impartiality and transparency through a process where we will be launching an open call for applications for board members supported with letters of endorsement from international, regional and local partners.
  2. The new board selection process will be led by an external technical consultant with the support of former members of AFE’s board of trustees that have familiarity with the organization’s work.
  3. Based on a scoring methodology that will be developed by an external consultant; members with the highest scoring applications will be recruited. In addition, diversity in country representation from across the MENA will be taken into account; reflecting the organization’s regional identity.
  4. It is of strong significance to reiterate that Mr. George Azzi, has recused himself from the organization  in order to allow a transparent approach in carrying out this transitory phase.
  5. The newly elected board will once again delve into the underlying reasons behind the previously raised allegations and complaints. The process will be carried out through a vigorously conducted review and assessment of all documentations leading up to AFE’s former board resignation.
  6. The newly elected board will be tasked to look into AFE’s internal policy manuals which include its grievance and whistleblower policy, and recommend any deemed required revisions.
  7. Having assessed the overall situation, AFE’s newly appointed board will present a set of vigilantly studied proposals that will respond to any existing aperture in the organization’s internal systems, structure, and practices.

As we proceed with this chapter, we remain committed to the values that guide our mission; openness and transparency; while integrity and trust are the core of these constants – we continue to be responsive with all of our communities, partners, donors, and collaborators.


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