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May 20, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The AFE Board has completed reviewing the findings of the recent AFE external investigation.
This is in response to the allegations of harassment that we received regarding AFE senior
management. We immediately commissioned the investigation and we appreciate the time and
diligence of the investigators. They have no links to AFE and have extensive professional
expertise on harassment issues in Lebanon. Over a 45 day period, these investigators completed
33 interviews: 16 with current AFE staff and 17 with former staff and individuals who are
external to AFE. Their work was thorough, rigorous, and handled confidentially.

The investigation resulted in the conclusion that there is no evidence of harassment on the part
of AFE senior management. AFE takes our anti-harassment policies extremely seriously, and we
are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for everyone.

In their reports, the investigators broadened their initial mandate to identify areas of
improvement where AFE can more robustly address governance of the organization, human
resource management, building stronger alliances with Lebanese civil society, honing our
communication, and representing relevant communities in the MENA region. The AFE Board
deeply appreciates the experts’ recommendations and is committed to address these areas of

The AFE Board welcomes comments, concerns, and questions from any individuals or
organizations about our decisions moving forward. We are deeply grateful for the support of all
who are committed to partnering with AFE in upholding our values and realizing our mission as
fully as possible.

Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE) Board



To download AFE’s Code of ethics, press HERE.




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