International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biophobia was created in 2004 to draw the attention of policymakers, opinion leaders, social movements, the public, and the media to the violence and discrimination experienced by LGBTI people internationally.

17 May is now celebrated in more than 130 countries, including the MENA region. Last year, we published a list like this one, with 14 IDAHOTB activities from the MENA region. This year, we are counting 30 of them!

1) Lebanon: MOSAIC 

MOSAIC started their IDAHOT campaign with a movie night under the title “What is pride?” and screened the Egyptian movie El Anesa Hanafy “الآنسة حنفي‎”

2)  Lebanon: Helem Lebanon 

Helem launched their IDAHOT 2018 campaign with a video encouraging members of the community to speak-up for their rights.

اليوم العالمي لمناهضة رهاب المثلية والعبور الجندري

حقوقنا مش ضايعة. صار وقت ترجعوها !

Posted by Helem on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


3) Lebanon: Helem Lebanon

Helem shared a series of posters realized by their volunteers to denounce stigma and discrimination on LGBTIQ people in a funny way. More posters here.


4) Lebanon: Legal Agenda

Legal Agenda shared a typical argument to drop article 534 from the penal code and advertised for it with a video.

دفاعنا جاهز لنسقط المادة 534!

دفاعنا جاهز لنسقط المادة 534!شاهدوا الفيديو للاطلاع اكثر على المرافعة النموذجية.ويمكنكم مراجعة المرافعة على الرابط ادناه:حق_طبيعي#IDAHOT2018

Posted by ‎Legal Agenda المفكرة القانونية‎ on Thursday, May 17, 2018



6) Lebanon: Helem Lebanon

Helem’s trans committee organized a story telling night titled “It’s time for you to listen”.

7) Lebanon: Beirut Pride

Beirut Pride started smoothly with a brunch celebrating families and parents who support their kids love and relationship no matter what.

8) Lebanon: Beirut Pride

Opening night of Beirut Pride 2018 was celebrated by a love concert performed but Alsarah & The Nubatones and Khansa at Station Beirut.

9) Lebanon: MOSAIC

MOSAIC organized a talk in collaboration with AUB Gender and Sexuality Club on “Social, Medical, and Legal challenges facing individuals from Gender Minorities”

10) Lebanon: Beirut Pride

Beirut Pride organized a brunch accompanied with music entertainment that featured a talk about Trans* in Lebanon, followed by a discussion about femininity and masculinity in the Migrant Community Center.

11) Lebanon: Helem Lebanon

Helem conducted a social experiment that is purely voluntary, to see the extent to which the street is acceptable to the LGBTIQ community.

تجربة إجتماعية

بمناسبة اليوم العالمي لمناهضة رهاب المثلية والعبور الجندري، قررنا ب حلم نعمل تجربة إجتماعية عبارة عن عمل تطوعي بحت، لنشوف مدى تقبل الشارع لأفراد مجتمع الميم.#IDAHOT2018

Posted by Helem on Sunday, May 13, 2018


12) Lebanon: Helem Lebanon 

Helem’s Women’s Committee organized for the first time a Drag King Show. There were a lineup of Drag Kings performing throughout the night, followed by an open floor for everyone who wanted to join.

13) Lebanon: Beirut Pride

An enormous dance show took place in a club in which many runway categories were performed:

– ClubKids (Slay the runway with your over the top drag. Beyond female/male impersonation, Party Monsters, a piece of moving art).
– Pride Extravaganza (From Rainbows to Unicorns, turn out a look that represents pride in the most extravagant way).
– Oriental Realness (Traditional Arabian Costumes with a twist).
-Voguing (Old-way vogue, New-Way vogue or Voguing Femme).
-Freestyle (The dance floor is yours, mix any dance style, sing live or do stand up comedy, just slay us).
-LipSync For Your Life (Drag or not, turn up the ball with your best lipsync performance).

14) Lebanon: MOSAIC

MOSAIC organized a drag talk under the name of “مش رح تتفرجوا، رح تتعرفوا” to raise awareness about drag culture. The talk highlighted the history and current challenges of the international drag scene and the local drag culture.

15) Lebanon: Beirut Pride

Beirut Pride announced during a happy hour event the Corporate Pledge, a Beirut Pride initiative that aims at addressing discrimination in the workspace. It will be steered by LGBT professionals in synchronization with local business groups and collectives, when it starts in September 2018.


16) Lebanon: Helem Lebanon 

Helem gave a conference titled “The LGBTQI+ community: In between the violations and the recommendations”. The conference hosted interventions by several NGOs and started with reading a statement denouncing the suspension of IDAHOT pride and intimidations on LGBTIQ activists.

17) Lebanon: Cliffhangers 

Cliffhangers celebrated IDAHOT with a storytelling night.

18) Lebanon: Tayf Beirut

Tayf Beirut community center had a storytelling night with their members and a candlelit vigil for victims of violences based on SOGI.


Tunisian coalition for LGBTIQ rights presented in an event a report of the investigation into violence against LGBT people. You can read the report here.


IDAHOT coincided with the first night of Ramadan. Tunisian LGBT associations celebrated this day at a Ramadanesque night with a dance show.

21) Egypt: The Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organizations

The Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organizations launched IDAHOT 2018 campaign with the hashtag #RainbowNodes and scored some online visibility by sharing posters on different topics including solidarity and alliances. Check out the poster here.

22) Egypt: The Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organizations

Egyptian organizations produced a video to denounce repeated crackdowns on the LGBT community in Egypt and send a clear message of support and solidarity.

في اليوم العالمي لمناهضة رهاب المثلية الجنسية والعبور الجندري …وبرغم كوننا نعاني يوميا من شتى أشكال الهوموفوبيا والترانسفوبيا … ولكننا نقف كتفا لكتف من أجل عبور النفق المظلم ونيل حقوقنا … بدأنا رحلتنا وسنستكملها برغم ما فيها من صعاب ومشاق وبرغم من خسرناهن وخسرناهم في هذه الرحلة ووقعوا ضحايا لخطاب الكراهية في مجتمعاتنا … ولكل أنتن/م من ستكونوا معنا في هذه الرحلة … سوياً سننال حقوقنا كاملة! Today, #IDAHOT18, and although our daily struggles with the homophobia, transphobia and hate speech, we will stand one by one to support each other to get out of this dark tunnel. We have started our journey and although we've already lost some of our friends who lost their lives because of this hate speech, we will be all together in this journey to get our rights …all of them! #ملتقى_الأطياف #أطيافنا_تقوينا #IDAHOT18 #RainbowNodes #الألوان_مش_عار

Posted by The Alliance of Queer Egyptian Organizations on Thursday, May 17, 2018


23) Sudan: Masahat Foundation for Sexual and Gender Diversity (Egypt and Sudan) and Shades of Ebony Group

A celebration was held in the Sudanese capital Khartoum where about 50 people, mostly from the LGBTQI community and allies, were present. The program included the introduction of Mesahat foundation and Shades of Ebony group and the activities of the two groups. Also screening the videos from #NoLongerAlone campaign and a special message from Ahmed Omar, a Sudanese queer who came out in 2015, The program also included a photography exhibition titled “Ownership Certificate” and the launching of the IDAHOTB Regional Campaign in collaboration with LGBTQI+ organizations and groups from the Middle East and North Africa under the theme #We _are_one

24) Morocco: Association Akalyat 

Akalyat celebrated IDAHOT with posters and an online call for solidarity.


25) Morocco: M.A.L.I (Mouvement Alternatif pour les Libertés Individuelles)

M.A.L.I produced a video and a poster to denounce the homophobia of the state and called for the abolition of article 489 from the penal code.

26) Iraq: Rasan Organization 

Rasan produced a shot movie on coexistence despite any difference based on gander, religion, ethnicity..

Rasan Organization IDAHOTB 2018

We either coexist, or we don’t exist. Despite our differences in color, gender, religion, ethnicity … etc. We are all human. #IDAHOT2018یان پێکەوە دەژین، یان ناژین. هەرچەندە جیاوازبین لە ڕەنگ، جێندەر ، دین ، نەژاد…هتد، هەموومان مرۆڤین. نحن إما أن نتعايش أو لا نعيِش. بالرغم من جميع إختلافاتنا في اللون والدين والعرق والجندر… والخ ، كلنا بشر.

Posted by Rasan Organization on Thursday, May 17, 2018


27) Iraq: Rasan Organization 

Rasan shared posters on the occasion of IDAHOT and called for coexistence and peace. More from Rasan.


28) Regional: Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality

AFE produced a website to aggregate all IDAHOT 2018 events in the MENA region.

29) Regional: Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality 

AFE launched a call to light a candle in reverence for individuals in the region who

1. Lost their lives to gender-based violence
2. Suffer from structural and organizational oppression
3. Fled their homes from discrimination
4. Faced bullying in public spaces
5. Got detained for choosing love
6. Stood up for their basic rights

30) Morocco: L’Union Féministe Libre (UFL) 

The Free Feminist Union launched the hashtag #Discrimination_is_the_crime with a Facebook frame.

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