In 2013, The Arab foundation for Freedoms and Equality organized the first Alumni meeting, a yearly event originally organized in the context of the Social Change Program (SCP), and aimed to bring together the alumni of the SCP. After four years, the Alumni meeting evolved to become a regional space/conference on gender and sexuality in the MENA region. The conference aims to tackle thematic areas under the banner of gender and sexuality to highlight new research and bring to the forefront new topic areas and the latest debates both in academia and from the field. This will help not just AFE but also other groups and individuals understand the knowledge gaps and needs of the region in terms of research, information and advocacy. The conference will also serve as a Networking space creating the opportunity for individuals from around the region and working on the region to come together and build relationships and explore partnerships. Five years of organizing this event and continuing.


This Year

NEDWA invites you this year to discuss ideas and ask questions about the central topic of our activities and our discussion with respect to the policies of gender and physical rights:


1- Solidarity

2- Intersectionality.


We emphasise the importance of an intersectional approach to better understand the struggles that we are living on the one hand and to develop different forms of activism and alliances on the other in order to make our work and our activism more aware of different forms of privileges such as owning a passports; being from a certain social class; religion; race and ethnicity; gender, sexual, and gender identities; non-conforming bodies; and etc.


We invite you to discuss the forms of solidarity within our circles from our various locations in the world, whether inside the region, outside of it, or in exile: What are the forms of solidarity at the private and public levels? In the region, the global south, and the world? How do we understand the struggles in the region through an intersectional approach?


How do we manage the power dynamics and privileges under neoliberal policies of aid and financing and civil society? How can we develop our activism based on solidarity with the less privileged within our movements and societies? What are the tools of solidarity? How do we strengthen and develop them? How do we develop intersectional solidarity that does not lose sight of the understanding and analysis of conflicts and systems of exploitation and oppression according to these different positionalities?


We will be discussing all the aforementioned issues and other ones as well in this NEDWA2018 – awaiting your contributions and suggestions.






27 – 30 September, 2018



N: Network among activists in the region

E: Exchange of knowledge and experience

D: Develop strategies for the region

W: Well-being of activists who work on gender and sexuality

A: Achievements

To apply, please complete the online form. Your information will remain anonymous and only available to NEDWA committee. Applicants will be notified by e-mail that their application has been received.

Fill the application


You may fill out the application in any Arabic, English, or French. However, the spoken one during the conference will be Arabic

Deadline to submit the application: 10/05/2018

For further information, please send an e-mail to nedwa@afemena.org



Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
09:00 – 11:00 Opening speech.

Code of Conduct


Morning Talks

(Dynamics of the movement)

Panel on international organisations’ work in the region
11:00 – 11:30 Break Break Break
11:30 – 13:00 Morning talk

(success of solidarity and overcoming challenges)

Open spaces/



Pecha kucha
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 – 16:00 Exercise on building groups of solidarity and support Development of countries


changes and strategies

Pecha kucha
16:00 -16:30 Break Break Break
16:30 – 18:00 Open spaces/



Open spaces/